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08.05.08, 10:03:06


Einem französischen Radiosender hat sie auch ein Interview gegeben:
08.05.08, 10:26:40

le amateur

Merte, no parle pa france! :(
@ Altlast. Ich kenn nur das eine Passage Photo und das schaut nicht easy flirty aus. Eher Drama-Queen.
08.05.08, 13:21:12


@ Altlast. No problem, I can read german with some help of the dictionary (it´s me who have to apologize for writing in a languaje which isn´t the forum´s)

@ daPeda. Zulo= cellar without windows. It can serve for keeping weapons inside, too (like ETA usually does here in Spain)

@ le amateur. Thank you :) I´m trying to see all posibilities in her statement (about the flirting), cause it´s something weird for an ex reclusive to say. I can´t see Stefan Fritzl (he´s 18, too) saying something remotely similar (their cases are diferent, though). I hope to see tonight what is the context of this sentence ^^

09.05.08, 13:36:01


Ok, I have seen the interview. It was very short, around 5 mins (the interviewer was originally talking with NK around 1 and half hour). At the beginning NK was very nervous and she even said so. Then she relaxed (or at least between cut and cut she did so :p). There was very little what was new (the same things that she has said in other interviews about the Fritzl case). The "flirting" thing, yeah, it appeared, she definitely meant after she flight, not after P let her out of the cellar. She seemed a little fixated in the "boyfriends/couples/flirting" thing (the question just before the flirtatious one was if she could imagine herself into a normal life, with friends, family, a boyfriend, etc. and she answered insisting into the boyfriend thing. However, the "I was mostly glad about flirting" was answered like a joke, but it still sounds a little weird, in my opinion. The presenter of the program which emited the interview was a little surprised about it, too ^^U

You can see a part of the interview here:


Ya he visto la entrevista. Fue muy corta, alrededor de 5 minutos (la entrevistadora estuvo hablando con NK alrededor de hora y media). Al principio a NK se la notaba bastante nerviosa, luego se fue relajando (al menos entre corte y corte :p). Dijeron poco que fuera nuevo (Las mismas cosas que ella ya ha dicho sobre el caso Fritzl en otras entrevistas). Sobre lo de "flirtear", sí, apareció en la entrevista y definitivamente se refería a después de que ella hubiese huido, no a cuando P la sacaba del zulo. Parecía demasiado "centrada" en el tema de tener novio/pareja/flirtear, etc. (la pregunta justo anterior a la del flirteo era si ella se veía en un futuro llevando una vida normal, con amigos, familia, novio, etc. y ella respondió insistiendo solo en el aspecto de tener novio. De todos modos, lo de "lo que más ilusión me hacía era flirtear" fue respondido como una broma (la entrevistadora y ella se rieron), pero aún así siguió sonando un poco extraño... Al presentador del programa que emitió la entrevista también se sorprendió un poco ^^U

That´s all/ Eso es todo. Greeting/ Saludos ;)

09.05.08, 15:28:23


[quote="Aerith_kun"]She seemed a little fixated in the "boyfriends/couples/flirting" thing[/quote]Not very surprising considering her age. :)

[quote="Aerith_kun"]You can see a part of the interview here:
http://www.antena3.com/PortalA3com/micrositeprogramaemisiones.do?idPrograma=81655[/quote]All I get is a small photo and an advertisement. :confused:

Anyway, at least one of the many people who she gave interviews to seems to have asked her about "normal" things.
09.05.08, 19:04:03


[quote]Not very surprising considering her age.[/quote]

Yeah, Altlast, I understand... I have her same age, too ^^U. I don´t have any problem with that, but it sounds a little weird to me having in mind that her years between the 10 and 18 ones have been imprisoned or under P´s exclusive vigilance. I think that if she is able of behaving like other normal teenagers or young women do, then maybe her past hasn´t been THAT exclusive (saving distances, of course). Well, she wrote something about this in her first letter to the public after her flight, I believe. Stefan F is 18 also and I don´t think he is thinking about flirting. I´m happy that she´s doing so well (or at least so it seems), though.

[quote]All I get is a small photo and an advertisement.
Rare, I don´t have any problem with the page :confused: Ok, try with this then: http://www.antena3.com/PortalA3com/home.do (it´s the third video, N´s face appears there ^^)

Or maybe with this one: http://www.antena3.com/PortalA3com/mostrarContenido.do?idContenido=81655&tipoContenido=13

I hope it works now... If not, I´m sorry, I´ll try to upload it on youtube

Altlast, you can write in german if you prefer. I can understand it more or less :)


09.05.08, 19:43:04

le amateur

Hm, mir fehlt da auch das notwendige plug-in um das video zu sehen.
08.06.08, 18:24:40



I can find a summary of the spanish interview to NK (for people who couldn´t see the other videos with the interview), but there isn´t anything new ^^U

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