Die Eltern?

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[I]Kurz vor der erwarteten Einstellung der Ermittlungen im Fall Madeleine sorgt der ehemalige Chefermittler für Wirbel. Er hat ein Buch geschrieben, das die Eltern belastet.[/I]
21.07.08, 19:28:54


heute hat portugal den fall mccann eingestellt. die "arguidos" sind keine verdächtigen mehr (offiziell)
dazu eine meinung aus dem board "3arguidos"

[QUOTE]No one is surprised, are they?

I said for months and months that they would walk, and walk they have.

I so wish that I had been wrong. I would have been delighted.

But come on, how many people could have happen to them what happened to Kate and Gerry McCann, and
experience what we have just witnessed.

* They set up a fund, almost immediately.
* They allowed others to search; they ignored sightings, the flew off to meet The Pope and Gerry went to the Whitehouse, whilst
we were all whitewashed.
* They were made Arguidos, they were supposed to be charged but "authorities" stepped in and prevented this. WHY?
* They flew home, after vowing not to, and were given a heroes welcome.
* They refused to go back for a reconstruction, after a winter of Clarrie giving "police style" conferences, where photo-fits of innocent
men were shown to the Press - which resulted in the News of the World using the photo-fit on its front page, saying "THIS IS THE MAN WHO
ABDUCTED MADELEINE". When it was discounted a few days earlier - no one in media land batted an eye-lid.
* They have misled, delayed and thrown every spanner in the works possible - and they have had Gordy "having a word" with the Portuguese Premier.
* FFS the FSS do not make mistakes!
* Eddie and Keela are the best in the business.
* Two weeks ago, a Judge said the McCanns "had suffered enough"

..... I could go on.....but the writing has been on the wall for months and months and months. Today was the final nail in the coffin of Justice for Madeleine McCann.

And it stinks.
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