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Hi to everybody :)

First of all, I can?t speak german very well (I?m from Spain), so sorry for writing in english. I?ll try to do my best...
The thing is, around october was emited here in Spain a TV program dedicated to n.k and the mysteryes of her case. It was linked with the famous "incident" that n.k?s father and the spanish camera-team had around the same time.Here is a link summarising what happened with images of the discussion (I hope there isn?t any problem posting it O_O): [URL=""][/URL]
I want to say, I don?t agree nor with the spanish camera-team?s attitude neither with the recurring to violence from Koch?s part. Also, "El Buscador" is usually a yellow-press type of program, and I don?t like it very much... But with the n.k. special I have to say they did a good job of investigation, and there were really interesting testimonyes from p?s and sirny?s neighbours. I have been following this case from august, and I haven?t read some of those things in the german nor austrian press O_O.
For example, Josef Jantschek (p?s neighbour) appeared saying that p usually called Natascha "Uschi" and that he often was in the garden waiting for her saying "where is the Uschi? Where is the Uschi?" (so yeah, it seems she can be around every part of the house whenever she wanted). One day he saw p was going to a ski-excursion and he asked him if he was going alone, and p answered that no, he was going with Uschi (I suppose it?s the same ski-excursion that they made in february). Around summer, J could see them very often having breakfast in the terrace or simply being in the garden; sometimes she was alone washing his car or cooking in the kitchen. J adds to the spanish journalist that they seemed to have a good relationship.
The program investigated also the posible connection between sirny and p (I don?t believe very much in it, though) and one of sirny?s neighbours who wants to keep anonimous appeared (without showing her face) saying she saw some time ago p in the elevator of the same house where she and sirny live... As I have said, I don?t believe vey much on a posible conection between p and s. Maybe they saw each other at one point, but it doesn?t mean that she planned her daughter?s kidnapping... Well, who knows :rolleyes:
Feurstein appeared talking with the spanish journalists, too. He said something about being n?s lawyer and equipe?s fault if some "dirty rags" were being discovered :rolleyes:
I have written all this message because I don?t know if those things were known in austrian or german press (I haven?t seen them anywhere O_O). Maybe some of those things can result interesting...

Sorry, it was long and writed in a different languaje. I hope it can be understandable and sorry for my bad grammar also
14.04.07, 13:16:06


Hi Aerith_kun, it is really interressant to hear about the spanish report and also gives thoughts. Welcome to the forum, Pragma
14.04.07, 21:09:49


Thank you for the welcome, Pragma :)

And don?t worry, you can write in german if it?s easier for you ;). I can read it well, more or less (with a little help from a dictionary, though). It?s "just" difficult for me when I have to write or to talk it...
14.04.07, 23:22:33


Thanks for the youtube link.
I'll continue in German.

Zwei Dinge:
Selbst Ende September (der Zwischenfall mit dem Kamerateam war am 28.09.2006) hatte NK also noch Schwierigkeiten beim Gehen.

Die Daily Mail berichtete am 29.09.2006 im Artikel "My girl Natascha's hunger for fame" ?ber diesen Vorfall. Darin hei?t es: [quote]Natascha might have been expected to have been distressed by both the intrusion and the scuffle that followed. [...] Instead, she calmly turned her face from the camera and headed off [...][/quote]
Wie man in dem Video sieht, war dem nicht so. Sie hat sich verschreckt hinter Mama und Schwester versteckt.

15.04.07, 09:56:37


Sie hatte auch noch zu dem Zeitpunkt, als die Doku gedreht wurde, einen eigenartigen Gang, wie die kurze Szene im Treppenhaus mit Ganzger zeigt. Entsprechende Spekulationen (Mangelern?hrung, Ossifikationsst?rungen) wurden bereits anderswo aufgestellt und w?ren durchaus denkbar.
15.04.07, 11:28:52


@Altlast: In fact, in the same promgram which had the incident and emitted the video, it was said by the journalists there present that it was REALLY curious that K. was exactly hiding her face behind her mother and sister bodies... She didn?t run, she didn?t give turned average, she didn?t limit herself simply to ignore them... I know that here in Spain that type of journalists can be REALLY oppresive, but it was really a coincidence that, of all the things that she could have done in this situation, she decided to hide her face behind her mum and sister :rolleyes:
15.04.07, 11:31:41


About her mode of walking, I remember reading that around october she had a problem with a twisting ankle... About the Doku, I don?t know... maybe malnutrition or circulating problems? :confused:
15.04.07, 11:35:23


Die Meinung, NK hatte engen Kontakt zu Latinas, st?tzt das Interview

"Kampusch: Ja, schon. Sp?ter nicht mehr. Au?erdem, der Verbrecher hat auch gebetet. Also, das kann es ja nicht sein. Ich denke mir, Fidel Castro betet n?mlich auch."

Die Assoziation von P mit Fidel Castro als gro?em Verbrecher ist einem Europ?r fremd. Wir haben einen Katalog mit anderen Personen. Bei Latinas kommt der Vergleich locker ?ber die Zunge.

Die Kenntnis Fidel Castro betet setzt auch engen Kontakt zu Latinas vorraus. Besitzt jemand von euch diese Kenntnis?

Ich erkl?re mir das Verstecken ihres Gesichts damit von ihrer Vergangenheit eingeholt zu werden. Das Video kenne ich selbst nicht.

Der Name Uschi ist mir v?llig neu. "Josef Jantschek (p?s neighbour) appeared saying that p usually called Natascha "Uschi". Wo ist das publiziert?

Wenn das so w?re, dann w?rde ja irgendwo eine Uschi vermisst werden. Das w?re der Hammer!
16.04.07, 08:35:53


[quote="katz123"]Der Name Uschi ist mir v?llig neu.[/quote]

Uschi ist die Frau des Herausgebers der Tageszeitung "?sterreich". Die hat im Dezember mit NK ein Interview gef?hrt. Gibt sogar Bilder davon (Natascha und Uschi sitzen auf einer Couch, daneben noch so ein breit grinsender blonder Typ, der hat bestimmt auch was damit zu tun).


PS: :D ;)
16.04.07, 10:06:17


Mmmm... I haven?t heard nor read anything about n. being with latinas, katz123 :confused:... But she watched TV, heard the radio and read newspapers... I think it would be enough for knowing who Fidel Castro is, isn?t it? I mean, I?m of the same age than K., I haven?t been in Cuba and I know who Castro is and that he probably prays...

[QUOTE]Der Name Uschi ist mir v?llig neu. "Josef Jantschek (p?s neighbour) appeared saying that p usually called Natascha "Uschi". Wo ist das publiziert?[/QUOTE]

It was said by Jantscheck in the program "El Buscador de Historias" which was emitted here in Spain around october. I can?t provide the video because it can?t be found anywhere in the red, but I saw the whole thing and I remember it clearly. It?s the same program that the one with the link I posted before, the one with the discussion. The program was near a 1 hour long and, between other things, there was said the "Uschi" thing (by Jantscheck, so I think it?s credible). Thinking about it, it?s normal, I don?t think P. would call N. "Natascha" when they were around other people (like neighbours), as he knew she was being searched by the police and all...
16.04.07, 14:09:03
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